As a public scientific co-operation institution (EPCS), ParisTech has its own governance structure and co-ordinates several inter-institutional committees.

The Executive Board

  • Jean-Philippe Vanot : ParisTech President
  • Armel de la Bourdonnaye : Director of the École des Ponts ParisTech
  • Yves Demay: Director of the École Polytechnique
  • Yves Poilane : Director of Télécom ParisTech

The Board of Governors

This is made up of founding members, associate members, ex officio members, qualified individuals, and elected staff representatives .

The Board of Governors determines the general direction for actions implemented by ParisTech in these areas:

  • education
  • research and development
  • external co-operation by the public institution, especially at international level
  • promotion of ParisTech
  • use of human and financial resources

The Committees

ParisTech operates five inter-institutional committees or boards :

  • Communication Committee
  • Business Relations Committee
  • International Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Diversity Committee

Each of them brings together the relevant managers from the Grandes Écoles.
Their role is to drive inter-institutional life, lead working groups, ensure consistency of actions, and assist in co-ordinating projects.

ParisTech’s central organisation

ParisTech's central organisation is made up of five divisions responsible for leading the committees and progressing  projects, as well as a General Secretariat, which brings together human resources, funding, and logistics.  

  • Education and International Divisions: Radjesvarane Alexandre
  • Research, Innovation, and Development Division: Alain Bamberger
  • Communication Division: Jacques Bringuez
  • Diversity Division: Patrick Gérard
  • Business Relations Development Division: Guillaume Ravel
  • General Secretary: Emile Lorre

The ParisTech Grandes Écoles