ParisTech & China to strengthen cooperation

Recognized by the Chinese authorities as a major player of French excellence in engineering training, ParisTech has reaffirmed its willingness to cooperate with China. During a trip in Beijing, President Christian Lerminiaux explored the opportunities for further cooperation with French companies, and for developing a continuing education offer.

Mid-January in Beijing, Christian Lerminiaux, president of ParisTech, met Mr. TIAN Xuejun, vice-minister of education of the People’s Republic of China in charge of international cooperation and exchanges, and of the high-level dialogue for human exchanges. According to Mr. TIAN Xuejun, ParisTech is synonymous with a stable partnership, and is an "exemplary brand in terms of cooperation in engineering training". Mr. TIAN Xuejun reaffirmed China’s wish to strengthen cooperation with ParisTech, both in training and in research.

The China Scholarship Council (CSC), a long-standing and privileged partner of ParisTech, has also reaffirmed its wish to strengthen ties with ParisTech. Our schools do indeed welcome many Chinese scholarship holders each year, be it in our engineering training cycles or for completing PhDs each year.

Christian Lerminiaux, accompanied by Laura Villette, representative of ParisTech in China, also explored the opportunities for cooperation in continuing education with the Ministry of Emergency Management and with China Hi-Tech, whether in France or in China. He also met French companies likely to be interested in cooperating with the Sino-French institutes managed by ParisTech - Chimie Pékin (Beijing, hosted by Beijing University of Chemical Technology), ICARE (Wuhan, hosted by Huazhong University of Science and Technology), SPEIT (Shanghai, hosted by Shanghai Jiaotong University).

Finally, an alumni evening organized at the Sino-French Chamber of Commerce (CCIFC) was the opportunity for Mr. Christian Lerminiaux to inform school alumni about ParisTech's roadmap for the years to come.

Mr. Christian Lerminiaux also took the opportunity to meet BUCT President Tan. BUCT is the Chinese partner of the consortium led by Chimie ParisTech in the Sino-French Institute of Chemistry in Beijing.



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