ParisTech schools are pleased that international students will have priority for visas

On June 9, ParisTech drew attention on the situation of international students expected to start their studies in its schools in September 2020. Indeed, full immersion in France, and full integration into student life are key factors in these students’ success.


ParisTech schools drew the attention of French authorities to the case of international students on June 9. At a time when mobility is gradually resuming in the business world, it indeed seemed essential that it could also resume in higher education, including with countries outside the European Union.

International students are an integral part of the economic and social life of our country, both during their stay and when they return to their countries. They establish lasting bonds with France during their studies, be it on a personal or a professional level.

The internships they carry out in French companies during their stay contribute to integrating them into French culture, and to make them understand French know-how. The training received in our schools, the savoir-faire acquired in companies make them future ambassadors of France in their country of origin and all over the world.

Christian Lerminiaux, president of ParisTech, sent a welcome message to international students on June 10. For several weeks now, schools have been doing everything they can to welcome them in the best conditions. 

ParisTech is therefore delighted that the French Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs stated on June 12 in a press release that "international students will be allowed, regardless of their country of origin, to come to France, and the arrangements for their reception will be facilitated. Their requests for visas and residence permits will be given priority”.

The academic year starts at the end of August / beginning of September in the engineering schools of ParisTech. Time is running out for students to prepare their arrival in good conditions. The issuance of visas and the resumption of flights to France will be crucial.

The ParisTech Grandes Écoles