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The École des Ponts ParisTech is a French Grande École which trains high-potential engineers and future high-level managers with a scientific and technical background who will be called on to tackle the major challenges of society today and in the future.  

The École des Ponts ParisTech offers in addition to civil, environmental and mechanical engineering, which have historically made it prestigious, excellent courses in varied fields nowadays, ranging from applied mathematics to economics via industrial engineering.  

It offers four major types of programmes: engineering courses, masters, doctoral courses and specialised post-graduate programmes: Advanced Masters and MBA.

Additionally, the École des Ponts ParisTech has developed a dynamic research activity around 11 laboratories, which are very often shared with other higher education institutions, research organisations and companies.  
It is accessible to students and researchers of many nationalities and is a human-sized institution with a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary atmosphere.

The École des Ponts ParisTech is ISO 9001 certified.


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