Offers of chairs


What is a chair?

The chairs developed by ParisTech and its member Grandes Écoles represent fields of expertise in teaching and research on specific topics in partnership with a company. These chairs make it possible to combine research activities at the highest level of excellence and the dissemination of knowledge among students.

The teaching and research chairs combine the lecturers-researchers with about a hundred industry partners. They create a connection between the Grandes Écoles, the partner universities, and major research organisations.

The multi-disciplinary chairs

ParisTech relies on the wide range of skills covered by its Grandes Écoles to develop projects which bring a multi-disciplinary approach to environmental and social issues.

To sum up, about ten chairs were developed with two or three Grandes Écoles in partnership with prestigious companies, such as Vinci, Éco-systèmes or Total.

The ParisTech Grandes Écoles chairs

The Grandes Écoles have expanded an extensive network of teaching and research chairs with the financial support of about a hundred partner companies.

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